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Digital Learning

Using technology to enhance the academic experience

Digital Learning Plan

Thanks to a supportive community, the Osseo Area Schools Digital Learning Plan promotes personalized learning, which means students receive instruction that is delivered at the appropriate pace, is tailored to their learning styles, and motivates them based on their individual interests. The plan includes a one-to-one mobile device program (K-12); learning management systems (Seesaw and Schoology) that make it easy to organize schoolwork and communicate with teachers; and teacher training in using digital tools for personalized learning.

Need Tech Support?

Email (preferred) or call 763-391-7180

Main Contact

Anthony Padrnos
Executive Director
763-391-7160 x27160

Technology Tools and Resources

Osseo Area Schools provides guidance around the use of digital resources in alignment with Acceptable Use Policy and Minnesota Statute. This guidance is to ensure the protection of staff, students, and families with the data that tools collect. Digital resources used in Osseo Area Schools are categorized into three tiers by how they are adopted into our system.

eLearning Plan

eLearning Days are intended to counter the loss of instructional time resulting from school cancellations due to weather. The eLearning Days will provide our district options to meet statutory regulations related to student instructional time besides making up school days for weather-related cancellations.

Frequently Asked Questions